"These are photos i promised to send from the lyndhurst school fair. children loved it. Thanks for the fun!"
"We had a fantastic time with Dia – he was amazing and everyone came away feeling elated and still singing away haha"
"Welcome Cinema & Kitchen were absolutely impressed by Jahdiafolila who were an awesome addition to our monthly flagship event. The audience absolutely loved them and it was wonderful to have such fantastic musicians start off the night. We look forward to working with them again" Maggie
"Dia’s work is beautiful and the drums look and sound super fresh!" Tim
"Thank you so much for organising today. It was totally awesome, and everyone in the group loved it so much! Dia is an excellent instructor... Thanks so much again for a great session". Bekah
“Love the live performance by the Drummers and Singer, great performance with live music, incredibly creative and crowed entertainment” Nicky, event manager
"Hi! I was meant to contact and tell you how brilliant the guys were.
They really added to the atmosphere on the day and lots of people were asking where we got them from? I will definitely be recommending them to others. Thanks so much".
"I booked Jahdiafolila's entertainment for my 3 years old twin Birthday. They loved it. They are asking me know when the musician will come back" Iman
"Being a mediocre student of drumming from Northern California and finding myself in London for insurance meetings, I googled 'African drumming London' on a whim. Dia's website popped up, and we easily arranged a meet-up. What a great lesson! Got to learn a bit about the West African drumming tradition and a terrific new rhythm, break, and call. What fun! Dia's not only one fantastic drummer, but also very warm and welcoming - a real pleasure to learn from and drum with. A true highlight of my week in London. I'll be back!" Sarah.
"Many thanks to Dia for an excellent drumming session at our Refugee Drop In party in November 2016 The atmosphere was great and everyone participated including the youngest children who danced in the middle of the circle of 50 participants and played percussion. It was an inclusive and uplifting experience and brought much joy to all of us. Dia has a warm and vibrant personality and made sure we all had great fun and left with a smile". A, North Western Reform Synagogue