Summer garden party in a restaurant in Southwark in London:
Nice Monday class, playing Guinean Djole rhythm with students:
Jahdiafolila's band in Africa, Senegal, Yoff, Dakar:
Black history month, Jahdiafolila playing for special needs kids at Northway School NW7 3HS:
Drumming session at the Tate Britain gallery:
Souvenir from Africa, Senegal: playing bolon with Guinean friends (balafon player and singer ):
Perfect strangers - acoustic with Jonas Blue and JP Cooper Nice work! Great to be involved!:
Saturday workshop at Sunshine Café, SW9:
Shooting in Peckham - for the Superplex shortfilm "I used to be famous"
Dia with Vieux Bakayoko from Hamana @ the Hootananny in March 2015
Dia gives a class on the beach of Yoff, Dakar
Dia playing with the Autistix at the preview. London calling!